Friday, April 12, 2024

What does it mean to “stand with BLM”?

Answer: not much.  Take the ultra-liberal University of Washington in Seattle.  They proudly proclaim that they “stand[] in solidarity with Seattle’s black community, the Black Lives Matter movement and beyond.”

Sidebar: what does it mean to stand with “beyond.”  I suppose when nearly every university and most corporations are virtue signaling, you have to ramp up your rhetoric.  "BLM and beyond” is better than just BLM, I guess.  Or maybe it's simply nonsensical, like infinity plus one.

In any case, UW makes clear that BLM is based on “de-funding the police.”  More specifically, “The call to ‘defund the police’ . . . is now the foremost demand of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Defunding the police is a call to strip the budgets and completely abolish local police departments . . .” (emphasis added).

That sounds stupid, given that many black people are crime victims and the police aid them.  But okay, at least we know what BLM is, and what you, UW, “stand in solidarity with,” which includes de-funding the cops. 

But when push comes to shove, and one of its black athletes named Tybo Rogers is accused of sexually assaulting two women during “tinder” hookups, what does UW do?  Disgustingly, “The student-athlete has been suspended from all team activities until further notice. The UW will continue to gather facts and cooperate with law enforcement, as requested.” (emphasis added). 

What?!  Why would you suspend someone merely accused of rape—on a freaking tinder hookup, no less?  And why on god’s green earth would you ever “cooperate with law enforcement, as requested,” when you claim to stand with BLM and its "foremost demand" to "defund the police"?  Why isn't UW instead telling the cops to “get a warrant” or to “submit all requests for information to UW’s legal department”?  Is UW just a lapdog for whichever authority figure demands its support?  First, it’s BLM.  The next day, it’s the cops?  It appears so.  UW appears to have no spine.

Now, maybe the “UW Combined Fund Drive” cited above, which pledged allegiance to BLM, is a different legal entity from “UW Athletics,” which is playing dutiful lapdog to the cops.  But I don’t think so.  They are both under the UW banner, and I’ll bet that if I spent ten minutes I could find plenty of evidence of UW Athletics, and UW in general, also pledging their superficial allegiance to BLM. 

In addition, and in further possible defense of UW, maybe UW itself has imposed rules on UW Athletics, or maybe UW Athletics has to take certain actions by law.  Although, I doubt it, as Terrance Shannon Jr., who is also accused of sexual assault, seems to have enjoyed a stronger presumption of innocence at the University of Illinois—although he had to sue his school first.

Nonetheless, all of the above is possible.  But regardless of whether it is by choice or by compulsion that UW (a) suspended its black athlete based on mere accusations and (b) is cooperating with law enforcement against him, UW should quit saying stupid, nonsensical, virtue-signaling bullshit such as “we stand with BLM.”  Just shut up.  Whether by choice or compulsion, you are a lapdog, not a revolutionary.  Just accept it.

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