Saturday, December 3, 2016

Knightly to remain at the Legal Watchdog

After a disappointing 3-8 football season, the University of Connecticut Huskies have offered Knightly the position of team mascot.  Although Knightly was honored by the offer, and will continue to support Husky athletics, I am happy to report that he has declined the offer so he can continue his work at the Legal Watchdog.


  1. Michael
    That's great news! The watchdog needs to stay on duty.
    But I didn't know you were a UConn fan. The Huskies were right in step with my longtime team, Notre Dame, which had a miserable season at 4-8. Just awful.

  2. I like UConn just fine, but Knightly is a fan due to his Husky lineage. He was seen here enjoying their recent national championship in basketball.