Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Isn't Legal Advice: Exploring Legal Myths and Oddities with Michael Cicchini

Read the recent Q&A about my book, But They Didn’t Read Me My Rights!, on The Super Lawyers Blog.  In the interview, Adrienne Schofhauser and I discuss some interesting issues, including religion’s influence on the law.  When she asked me about that topic, I couldn’t help but think of the Wisconsin prosecutor who threatened to criminally charge school teachers for teaching state-approved sex education.  (That threat makes the teachers’ current battle with Scott Walker look tame by comparison.)  I also wondered why the prosecutor would charge contributing to the delinquency of a minor—I mean, why stop there?  Why not go for party-to-the-crime of child sexual assault?  People have been convicted of aiding and abetting that felony for doing far less than teaching sex education.

In any case, the Q&A can be found here, and my earlier recorded interview on Point of Inquiry, which also includes a discussion of religion and the law, can be found here.

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