Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy March Madness!

The Legal Watchdog is taking time off to cheer for Marquette in the Big Dance and to celebrate March Madness, which is by far the most wonderful time of the year. 

March Madness is “Individuals rising to fulfill unknown potential.  Teams proving their sum greater than their parts.  . . . It’s the ability to compete no matter where you come from, no matter how few believe in you.”  So good luck to all the underdogs in the bracket, including the Blackbirds from Long Island, the Zips from Akron, the Gauchos from Santa Barbara, and the Sycamores from Indiana State.  (Remember Larry Bird?) 

But alas, March Madness only guarantees the pursuit of the Final Four, not an actual Final Four birth.  So here are The Legal Watchdog’s picks:

  • East: #2 North Carolina (Even Roy Williams can win with 5 McDonald’s All Americans on the floor and another 6 on the bench.)

  • West: #3 Connecticut (The Big East tourney champs won 5 games in 5 days and are battle tested.  And they have Kemba Walker.)

  • Southeast:  #5 Kansas State (Despite their seeding, they’re the Big Twelve’s best.)  

  • Southwest: #4 Louisville  (Slick Rick has their full court press in high gear, and it creates too many turnovers for them to lose.)

Enjoy the tournament, and please check back soon for a new post.


  1. Michael, I count 6 (not 11) McD All-Americans on the current Tar Heel squad, compare:, with: You probably didn't mean for "11" to be taken literally. Regardless, the squad is comprised of 15 characters in search of a team.

    Otherwise, your picks are inspired.

  2. In our humble little pool over at 1108
    56th Street, you probably would've won.
    No one had any team in the final four,
    so the pool was over last weekend.