Monday, February 13, 2017

"Roger that"

I don't care much (or at all) for the NFL, and I didn't have much of an opinion on Tom Brady until the super bowl when he threw that pick-six.  The impressive thing was that, after he threw it, he dove to try to stop the much more athletic defensive player from scoring.  As a viewer, I genuinely appreciated the effort.  And even though Brady didn't come close to stopping the touchdown -- he looked well out of his depth trying tackle a superior athlete -- he did go on to win the super bowl MVP (again) by leading the biggest comeback in the game's history.

Despite not being a fan of Brady's until (oddly) that pick-six, I had been routing for him in his fight against Roger Goodell in the deflate-gate fiasco.  And there was good reason to do so, as there was certainly a lot of evidence on Brady's side.  Granted, a Brady win in court would not have been like an indigent defendant winning a criminal jury trial.  Rather, a Brady win in court would have been more like "the man" sticking it to "THE MAN."  But still . . .

Anyway, Brady did beat Roger but only temporarily -- or so it seemed.  It turns out that Brady got the last laugh in the end.  Despite serving a four-game suspension earlier this year, he won the super bowl.  He won the MVP in the super bowl.  Roger was forced to praise him in public and present him with his trophies.  And then Brady got to run this post-game commercial. 


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