Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Bowl Season!

Aside from the passing of Beano Cook, it has been a glorious year of college football.  And although I prefer watching thirteen straight hours of regular season games every Saturday, the bowl season is fun too.  Here are The Dog’s picks for the BCS bowl games:

Ø      BAMA crushes Notre Dame.  This one won’t even be close.  I could see Bama winning this game by 28 points, which means that if I were in Vegas (I’m not) and if I were a betting man (I’m not), I’d take Bama minus the points.  In the end, Mark May will get revenge.

Ø      DUCKS fly past the Cats.  This is the best of the BCS.  It will be a high scoring affair, and might even set a record for most combined points in a BCS bowl.  But in the end, Chip Kelly’s crew is just too fast and too athletic for K-State.  And their uniforms and their cheerleaders are guaranteed to entertain.  

Ø      WISCO upsets the overrated (and overpriced) school named after a color.  That's right, the Badgers will stun the Harvard Crimson wannabe Stanford Cardinal.  I’m not a Badger fan, but I will admit that my former hatred for them has been completely redirected toward Notre Dame, now that they’re winning again and Lou Holtz won’t shut up about it.  Anyway, "On Wisconsin!"

Ø      FSU will beat NIU.  The bigger question: Do the Huskies belong?  Yes.  Check the BCS’s complex criteria – the dogs have earned their bid.  But do they really belong?  Again, yes.  If the ACC is still entitled to an automatic birth in a BCS bowl after going 2 – 13 for a .13 winning percentage in previous BCS bowls, I don’t think anyone has the right to gripe about the Huskies.  I’ll be rooting for NIU, but in the end, FSU’s numerous soon-to-be NFL drat picks will be too much for the dogs to handle.      

Ø      GATORS chomp the Cardinals.  That’s Cardinals, plural.  That’s the bird, not the color.  You see how that's done, Stanford?  But despite getting their nickname and mascot right, Louisville just can’t hang with an SEC powerhouse.  This will be the biggest blowout of the BCS. 

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