Friday, May 4, 2018

Now in print: Combating Prosecutorial Misconduct in Closing Arguments

I previously posted a draft of my article that identifies ten different categories of improper prosecutorial arguments. The article also provides a sample motion in limine to prevent the misconduct before it happens, along with sample curative instructions for when prosecutors break the rules anyway. The article has now been published by the Oklahoma Law Review, and you can find it here: Combating Prosecutorial Misconduct in Closing Arguments70 Okla. L. Rev. 887 (2018). Stay tuned to The Legal Watchdog for soon-to-be-published articles on behavioral research and the law (with L. White) and a test of other-acts evidence and curative instructions (also with L. White). Or if you just can't wait to set your eyes on these works, you can find the pre-publication drafts, along with all of my previously-published articles, here. Enjoy!    

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