Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New York Journal of Books: Review of Convicting Avery

More praise for Convicting Avery (Prometheus Books), this time from the New York Journal of Books:

"Cicchini skillfully examines and explains the legal how’s and why’s of these controversial convictions . . . while convincingly demonstrating that the injustices perpetrated against Avery and others were not an unusual occurrence.   . . . [T]he author’s writing style and concise analysis allows those not familiar with legal terminology to easily comprehend the complexities of the case.  Overall, Convicting Avery is a revealing and fascinating read that will interest readers of true crime, criminal law, or American legal procedures."

Here is an except from another recent review, this one from Blog Critics:

"Probably no state legislative or Congressional session now goes by without some quipster referring to the hoary aphorism suggesting it’s best not to watch laws being made.   . . . Wisconsin criminal defense attorney Michael D. Cicchini suggests the same could be said of watching the law being applied.   . . . While built around a particular case, the issues raised in Convicting Avery apply to the criminal justice system as a whole.   . . . Regardless of one’s personal opinions, the book provides a considered insider’s view of parts of the criminal justice system the public rarely sees."

Convicting Avery (Prometheus Books) is available at book retailers everywhere, including amazon.

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