Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to the 80s?

I would love to go back to the 80s.  We had Al Bundy and Married with Children, style like LA Gear, movies like Back to School, and actual music videos like Rio on MTV.  Oh, yeah, and most importantly, our government used to spy on the Soviets, instead of spying on its own citizens. Of course we can't really go back to the 80s, but maybe the 80s will be coming back to us. Now that Russia ironically gave shelter to NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, I hear that even the Cold War is coming back into fashion.



  1. - 7,000 fewer service members dead from gov’t trying to implement a Marshall Plan on societies unwilling to economically advance themselves
    - A top marginal tax rate under 30%
    - A debt-to-GDP ratio under 40%
    - A president who wasn’t still blaming the previous guy for the economy 5 years later
    - Affordable college
    - Bands with gräẗüiẗöüs ümläüẗs
    - A respected 4th amendment
    - An apolitical IRS
    - A healthcare system that wasn’t subject a hostile socialist takeover
    - The Space Shuttle
    - Resturaunts knew smoking was bad, but had the option of providing a smoking area
    - States could set their own drinking age without federal influence
    - Attorneys General who didn't get held in contempt of congress
    - “Unfunded liabilities? What are those?”

    With the obvious exception of consumer electronics, of course the conditions of the 80s have been preferable to those of late. if I could just find a spare flux capacitor...

    1. Solid work, FIPper. I dare say I'd give back my newly acquired and overrated "smart phone" to go "back in time." (Don't forget Huey Lewis and the News.) I think they had word processors with spell check and basic spreadsheets back then. That's all I really need!