Saturday, August 25, 2012

In a dark, ironic sort of way

Michael O’Hear, law professor and writer at Life Sentences, just reviewed my new book, Tried and Convicted.  Much to my delight, he called it entertaining, “in a dark, ironic sort of way.”  But then things got even better with a comparison to the late, great one: “I don’t know if Cicchini is an admirer of the late Christopher Hitchens, but . . . Cicchini seems to take a similar delight in skewering hypocrisy and intellectual laziness.”  (That kind of comparison, of course, is a writer’s dream.)  O’Hear also adds that, “Although the book is intended for a general audience, Cicchini’s acerbic prose makes it a good read even for someone who is already familiar with the legal issues he discusses.”  You can read the entire review here, which includes several of O’Hear’s own compelling insights into the criminal justice system, as well as a brilliant—perhaps even “dark”?—historical reference. 

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