Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Hot for Teacher" and Free Speech

In a recent post I wrote about a college student who was kicked out of school for engaging in "unlawful individual activity."  His crime?  In a free-writing exercise in a creative writing class at a public university, he wrote that his teacher was attractive.  A few days after The Dog's post, ABC News picked up the story, and you can now see a video of the student explaining his side of things.  Even the Van Halen News Desk is paying attention.  (Scroll down the VH News Desk link and you can enjoy Hot for Teacher—quite possibly the greatest rock video ever made.)  You can also find the student's actual journal entries, as well as a letter written by the hot teacher, all on the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education website.  I love it when education and Van Halen come together.  (Pictured left: Eddie Van Halen's guitar.)   

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