Monday, January 2, 2012

The Law School Tuition Bubble: A Blog

Photo by Phillip Capper
Happy arbitrary point in space-time—or, if you prefer, happy New Year.  While aimlessly surfing the web yesterday, I stumbled across a true gem: “The Law School Tuition Bubble: An Amateurly Illustrated Think Tank of One.”  This blog is published by fellow Marquette University Law School graduate Matt Leichter.  (I don’t know Matt, and he graduated several years after I did.)  Matt does a tremendous job covering a wide range of issues including, obviously, the law school tuition bubble.  In two of my favorite posts, Matt explains why law school is so expensive, and also points out the flaws with a recent New York Times editorial on legal education.  His blog is a must read for anyone interested in law school or the legal profession.  Enjoy!

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