Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dead Again: The Latest Demise of the Confrontation Clause

I am very pleased to announce that my essay, Dead Again: The Latest Demise of the Confrontation Clause, has been accepted for publication in the Fordham Law Review, which is the sixth most cited law review in the country.  The expected publication date for the essay is December, 2011, and I’ll post a link to the full text at that time.  My previous law review articles on the Confrontation Clause can be found here and here, and the rest of my law review articles can be found here.

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  1. Your scholarly articles, Michael, aptly make a point (among others well-taken) that there are good reasons that hearsay evidence is not supposed to be admissible. Subject to so many exceptions, it's hard to recognize the rule of exclusion. We need to be reminded more often as to why hearsay should not be favored.